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YouPOP Marketing Mentorship Programme

  • Coaching for a healthy mind & body

  • Build confidence

  • Take the first steps creating your own business

  • Set up your online presence

  • Do it for yourself

  • Be proud of yourself


Let us help you

Wellness, mindfulness, nutrition & health have all played a pivotal part in our success, building a healthy body and mind allows you to build a healthy business and a healthy future, We'll coach you through everything from lifestyle choices to confidence building to setting up a new business and creating an online presence. Its just a lot of small steps and perfectly achievable for anyone

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The cornerstones

Believing in yourself, understanding your value in this world, knowing you have something to offer - start with the basics and the rest does follow.

Taking the first steps

Confidence is something that doesn't come naturally to everyone but putting yourself out there, taking risks and not being afraid to try gets everything moving.

Keeping it going

Continued development, healthy body and healthy mind, respect, gratitude are all skills that will help you maintain success.

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