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  • Website Design, Hosting, SEO & Maintenance - Pay monthly!


  • Social Media Management & Mentoring 

  • Marketing Strategy, Marketing Training 

  • Email Marketing and Newsletters 

  • Content Writing - Blogging - Business Blogs and Design/Content for Blogs 

  • Customer, Industry & Employee research 

  • Graphic Design Services: Branding, Logo’s flyers, brochures, posters, banners 



YouPOP is a Marketing Agency based in Dunstable and providing marketing services in Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire.

We can design and set up your website, social media accounts, provide graphic design services: branding and logo design, email marketing and carry out market research and much more 

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Website, Branding & Graphic Design

With low overheads and a small carbon footprint we can keep costs to a minimum. 
It all starts with a chat, the more we know about you, the better our work for you will be.

Social Media & Email Marketing

We don't use social media personally but that doesn't mean we're no good at it! It is an important tool for businesses, in particular, new and small businesses that rely on local custom - It also allows us to focus our efforts entirely on you.

Staff & Customer Engagement

You, your employees and your customers are at the centre of everything you do and so it is fundamental to have a healthy relationship and good understanding of how to get the best from them.


About YouPOP

With over 20 years experience in sales, account management and marketing we combine this with an emphasis on mindfulness and wellbeing and are well placed to give you confidence and guide you on your journey setting up your own business online and marketing it to a success.


We can provide an outsource marketing department service for you or train you to allow you to do it yourself

Brand Strategy
Business Organization

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